The Fighting Fit pilot programme takes place from 9th– 11thNovember at the Holiday Inn at Weston Turville, HP22 5QT.

It is a weekend residential programme designed to meet the specific needs of younger and working-age people with Parkinson’s wanting to take control of their lives – see

Liz Scott, who has worked for the NHS as a Parkinson’s Nurse for over 20 years, has agreed to support the programme by delivering a session on ‘Living well with Parkinson’s’ covering topics such as medication and nutrition.

Liz said “Trying to find appropriate information and support as a younger and working-age person with Parkinson’s can be challenging. Diagnosis may come at a time when younger people are still leading very active lives, perhaps developing a chosen career, having financial commitments, caring for older relatives and raising a family”.

Fighting Fit has been designed and is delivered by people living with the condition together with healthcare professionals and qualified neuro-physiotherapists and as a result we are confident that the programme will meet the needs of its target audience.

The programme will be most effective for those who have been diagnosed for at least 12 -18 months and so have some experience of living with the condition and are looking for help and information to make changes in their lives.

If you want to find out more, you can either contact us, or sign up to the Fighting Fit newsletter which will provide you with updates and news about this exciting opportunity.