About Us

Fighting Fit is the brainchild of a small group of passionate working-age people living with Parkinson’s who are supported by healthcare professionals, neuro-physiotherapists and experts in related fields.

‘It’s taken me nearly 4 long years to pull Parkinson’s information together. It’s been like doing a jigsaw and I am still finding new pieces every day. Our vision for the two days of Fighting Fit is that it will give you a head start to live and work well with Parkinson’s.’

Pat Salter

Fighting Fit Founder & Manufacturing Consultant

The organisation was established at the start of 2018 specifically to support younger and working-age people with Parkinson’s by providing a weekend residential programme of exercise, information and friendship.

A number of working–age groups contributed to the design of the programme and helped by providing support, advice and encouragement – most notably the Aylesbury Heroes working-age group in Buckinghamshire.

The programme is supported by Parkinson’s UK and endorsed by some members of the Younger Parkinson’s Alliance including Parkinsons.Me, ParkinStand, Start Living Today PD  and the Young Parkinson’s Network.

A considerable number of Parkinson’s UK staff are generously supporting the development and delivery of the programme.

‘Meeting positive, like-minded people to share information, feelings and activities has really helped me to help myself. We all occasionally need a nudge to find the time to do more. We developed Fighting Fit as a catalyst to help make this happen’

Laurel Miller

Fighting Fit Founder & Part-time Teacher

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