Fighting Fit Frequently Asked Questions

We have placed some questions people ask and the corresponding answers in the section below. First choose a question, then click on the question or within the box or the small plus symbol, then it will expand to show the answer. As you open one up another one will close.

Q: Who is the Fighting Fit programme for?

A: The Fighting Fit programme has been designed for active people who have a positive mindset, are able to cope with vigorous exercise and are looking for the motivation to make changes in their life. Experience has shown that people who have been diagnosed for at least 18 months but less than 5 years are the most likely to benefit from attending. We do not set any upper age limit on participants. 

Q: I may need financial assistance – how do I go about this?

A: If you need help towards the cost of the programme please don’t be afraid to ask. You may be eligible for a Parkinson’s UK Grant. Please see the Parkinson’s UK website here for relevant details. To apply, you will need to download and complete a grant application form and submit it for review. If you are successful Parkinson’s UK will remit the grant directly to Fighting Fit on your behalf.

If you are unsuccessful with an application to Parkinson’s UK you may still be eligible for a grant directly from Fighting Fit as we have a small bursary fund to help support people of limited means. To enquire please email hello@fighting-fit.org.uk. 

Q: Is it OK if I book to come by myself?

A: Absolutely. We know that some people with Parkinson’s will want their partners to participate in Fighting Fit whilst others may not have a partner or may want to attend the programme on their own. Partners are very welcome and there are sessions over the weekend specifically designed for them.

Q: Are you running Fighting Fit as a commercial business?

A: No. Fighting Fit is a not-for-profit organisation and is an Activity Group within Parkinson’s UK. The programme involves a lot of people giving their time on a voluntary basis. Every penny is spent on delivering the best programme we can.

Q: Where do you run Fighting Fit programmes?

A: Fighting Fit weekends are available in Maidenhead.

Q: Do you plan to offer any follow-up to the people attending the programme?

A: Yes in principle, but it’s up to participants to choose what support they want after a Fighting Fit weekend. To date most groups of participants have established a closed WhatsApp group to enable them to stay in touch.