Fighting Fit Frequently Asked Questions

We have placed some questions people ask and the corresponding answers in the section below. First choose a question, then click on the question or in within the box or the small plus symbol, then it will expand to show the answer. As you open one up another one will close.

Q: Why is the programme only open to younger and working-age people when many others would also benefit from attending?

A: The Fighting Fit pilot programme is focused on younger and working age people because there is a defined need to support this group of people with Parkinson’s who face specific challenges. Once the programme is established and has proved effective it may be possible to arrange a variant for a more general audience.

Q: I may need financial assistance – how do I go about this?

A: Please use the contact form on the website to outline your situation and we will try to be helpful.

Q: Is it OK if I book to come by myself?

A: Absolutely. We know that some people with Parkinson’s will want their partners to participate in Fighting Fit whilst others may not have a partner or may want to attend the programme on their own

Q: Are you running Fighting Fit as a commercial business?

A: No. This is a not-for-profit activity and involves a lot of people giving their time on a voluntary basis. Every penny will be spent on delivering the best programme we can.

Q: When will you run Fighting Fit from locations in other parts of the country?

A: We are starting in Chiltern Hills in Buckinghamshore to demonstrate that the programme is effective and is well received by people. Once we have responded to feedback and are clear there is a demand for places then we will definitely explore ways in which the programme can be delivered elsewhere.

Q: Do you plan to offer any follow-up to the people attending the programme?

A: Yes, if that would be seen as useful. It would be possible to create a series of What’sApp groups to enable participants to share progress after the course has finished. Alternatively we could create and an interactive blog space on the Fighting-Fit website.