What We Do

Through a carefully balanced blend of exercise, information sharing, skills development and discussion you will develop a personal plan to make changes to your everyday life in order to live well with the condition.

What makes Fighting Fit different is its focus on the use of technology, the development of skills for working life and the sharing of information about employment rights, finance and relationships. It also provides opportunities to try out different types of exercise particularly suited to people with Parkinson’s and meet like minded people in a relaxed setting.

The programme is facilitated by active people living with Parkinson’s and delivered by a range of multi-disciplinary experts. It runs from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon in a 4* hotel at Western Turville in the foothills of the beautiful Chiltern Hills, in Buckinghamshire.

Over two full days the programme combines rest and relaxation in a beautiful environment with a variety of exercise and other stimulating activities and discussions.

We will encourage you to experiment with exercise reinforcing its importance as medication. We will share information, tips and tricks specifically addressing the issues associated with living and working with Parkinson’s.

The programme will allow you to make new friendships and share experiences with like-minded people in a safe environment. You will be able to spend time reflecting on things and have the space to consider how best to take new ideas forward in your life.
Throughout the programme you will be provided signposting to information for you to read and use when you get back home and at the end of the programme you will develop a personal life plan for future review and re-assessment. You can download the programme by clicking on the button below.

Fighting Fit Programme Schedule

Below we have listed our pilot programme (still to be confirmed) to give you an idea of the subjects and areas we are going to cover. For those of you viewing on a widescreen, laptop of desktop display you can see it as a table. If you are using a smart phone or a tablet please click on the download programme button so you can see the detail

Day One

Topic Concept

Day One

Introductions Welcome
Objectives and agenda Outline of programme
Getting to know each other ‘Speed dating’ – participants have a 2 minute conversation with each person in the room.

Exercise – some group/individual warm-up exercises in the conference room e.g. introduce Smovies, stretch band exercises, throwing and catching etc.

Self-help – what’s out there? Update on courses, papers, internet sites about Parkinson’s that we have uncovered in setting up this programme e.g. PUK (First Steps, Navigating Parkinson’s, Self-Management), European Parkinson’s Therapy Centre (Italy), Hobbs, Davis Phinney, Michael J Fox, American Parkinson’s Journal etc. etc

What various working-age groups are doing.

My personal objectives My current exercise regime, medication, general wellbeing, concerns and issues.

My hopes and expectations from the programme.

Taster session: Tai Chi
How technology can help Presentation, discussion and demonstration
Round Up – Day One Day one feedback
Social: Singing Stressing the importance of diction, breathing and voice projection.

Day Two

Topic Concept

Day Two

Intro to Day Two
Exercise and neuroplasticity Introductory talk about the importance of exercise as medication
Taster session: PD Power
Working with Parkinson’s
  • Information about issues to help active and working age PwP
  • Providing Parkinson’s UK info and services
  • Accessing support
  • Making the NHS work
  • Employment rights and benefits
  • Workplace accommodations.
Skills for Working Life Helping people to develop skills and tactics to support them in their day-to-day working lives covering:

Physical challenges such as:

  • Speech and writing
  • Movement and dexterity
  • Stance and posture
  • Expression (facial and body language)
  • Strength and tiredness.

Mental challenges such as:

  • Confidence
  • Mental agility
  • Mental ability
  • Forgetfulness.
Personal motivation and relationships Interactive presentation and discussion encouraging people to take control
Round Up – Day Two


Interactive discussion sharing practical things that are helpful including coping strategies, tips and tricks.
Social: Dancing Doing something physical and fun to end the day

Day Three

Topic Concept

Day Three

Intro to Day Three
Research Update Information sharing about latest state of play
Taster session: Boxing Vigorous exercise

Living well with Parkinson’s 

  • Medication
  • Complementary treatments
  • Nutrition
Information sharing session.

Personal planning


  • People to update the plan they brought with them.
  • Open discussion of changes.
Round Up – Overall Programme
Sharing feedback
People give views on the overall programme.