A critical part of the Fighting Fit weekend residential programme is the exercise regime and related physical activities.

It is now widely accepted by researchers that intensive, exercise-based programmes designed to drive neuroplastic change can have a major beneficial impact for people with Parkinson’s.

Sarah Downing, the neuro-physiotherapist who is leading these aspects of the Fighting Fit programme said “Our planning is well advanced and we will be offering tester sessions in PD Power, Tai Chi and Boxing. Each of these exercises are known to help people with Parkinson’s record improvements in terms of balance and gait”.

In addition the programme will include sessions on both singing and dancing. When asked about dancing Sarah said “We know that when we dance we feel more energised and lighter in mood, but we also benefit from the brain training inherent in dancing”. With regard to singing she added ” Researchers found that, after just 2 months of singing, there were significant improvements in pitch duration, vocal loudness and swallow control”.

Fighting Fit is an innovative residential weekend programme for younger and working-age people with Parkinson’s that encourages self-management and helps each participant to take greater control of their life. The aim is to provide information and sign-posting, to share experiences and discuss the practical and emotional impact of living and working with Parkinson’s.

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