We are delighted that Alison Smith has agreed to lead the Tai Chi session that is a key part of the Fighting Fit weekend programme.

Alison first began Tai Chi in 1979. In 2003 she set up ‘Tai Chi for Everyone’ and now specialises in teaching Tai Chi for people with health and mobility problems, including people with Parkinson’s.

A qualified teacher, Alison is an Advanced Instructor of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain and an instructor supporting stroke survivors who want to improve their functional movement.

Asked about the impact of Tai Chi on Parkinson’s Alison said “Recent research study findings have shown that individuals taking part in Tai Chi have experienced improvements in Parkinson’s-related motor symptoms, balance and mobility as well as a reduced number of falls. People also found that engagement in Tai Chi exercises can help improve quality of life and reduce depression”.

She added “This supports what we all instinctively know – there is a strong link between mind and body and the research supports the theory that exercise can positively affect many aspects of quality of life”.

Fighting Fit is an innovative residential weekend programme for younger and working-age people with Parkinson’s that encourages self-management. The aim is to provide information and sign-posting, to share experiences and discuss the practical and emotional impact of living and working with Parkinson’s.

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