Fighting Fit has been designed to help younger and working-age people with Parkinson’s live their lives in the presence of the difficulties they face whilst connecting to things that are important in the here and now.

A critical element of the weekend programme is a session on psychological wellbeing and relationships. This will be delivered by Dr Bronwen Bonfield, a Principal Clinical Psychologist specialising in neuropsychology for the NHS.

Bronwen is an experienced clinician in this field and says “Parkinson’s can affect your relationships with partners, family, friends and work colleagues. There are things you can do to adapt to these changes and fit them into your life and we plan to explore some of the issues involved”.

Studies show that apathy is very common in people with Parkinson’s and may affect up to 70% of people with the condition. So what’s to do about it? We will explore how simple steps can help you to manage the condition.

Bronwen adds “Taking care of your psychological well-being and mental health is a vital part of managing your Parkinson’s. We will talk about learning how to live life to the full with Parkinson’s including motivation, sleep hygiene, self-management and techniques to help reduce stress”.

Fighting Fit is an innovative residential weekend programme for younger and working-age people with Parkinson’s that encourages self-management. The aim is to provide information and sign-posting, to share experiences and discuss the practical and emotional impact of living and working with Parkinson’s.

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