For Professionals

Parkinson’s Nurses & Local Advisers

As the people on the front line who are trying to help those with Parkinson’s to live their lives as normally as possible, you will know the particular problems and concerns of your younger and working-age clients.
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Trying to find appropriate information and support can be challenging. Diagnosis may come at a time when younger people are still leading very active lives, perhaps developing a chosen career, having financial commitments, caring for older relatives and raising a family.
The Fighting Fit Programme has been designed and is delivered by people living with the condition together with healthcare professionals and qualified neuro-physiotherapists and as a result we hope that you will have the confidence to refer those people who you think might benefit from attending the programme.
We think the programme will be most effective for those people who have been diagnosed for at least 12 -18 months and so have some experience of living with the condition and are looking for help and information to make changes in their lives.

Follow this link for an outline of the programme.  I you have any further questions please use our contact us page to send us a message.

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